SCP-636 Deletzor's Workshop is a private wiki of Grootslang (also known as Deletzor; SCP-636; Communist etc.) use to finalize all of his ideas/stuff.

Also this wiki is an encyclopedia about Deletzor and his Wikia Action (WikiNet, WLB, Cryptid Wikis and Wars, Closing Spam Wikis, Troll Wars etc.)

This wiki is an autonomic member of the WikiNet

Other wikis:
██████████ Wiki

 ██████████ Wiki | ██████████ Wiki | ██████████ Wiki | ██████████ Wiki | ██████████ Wiki | ██████████ Wiki

Autonomic wikis:
SCP-636 Deletzor's Workshop Wiki

 ██████████ Wiki | ██████████ Wiki

Considering the war time, a lot of information here is protected or hidden.

Latest activity

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